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9 Great Ways to Please Your Wallet

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  1. Buy the older editions of your books. You can save 70-90%. Check with your professor first.
  2. Buy Movie tickets to Regal, Century, and The Crest movie theaters from the student shop. Regal/Century = $6.75, Crest = $5.25
  3. Use ASI Safe Rides instead of a cab. (916) 278-TAXI.
  4. Buy $ .50 Coffee from the bookstore. A cheap fix for the sleep deprived.
  5. Use The WELL to work out; get fit.
  6. Go to Capital Bowling, it’s $2.50 per person. *
  7. Eat Mountain Mikes Pizza for 20% off purchase. *
  8. Why drive a car or pay for a cab when you can use the light rail for free? Go to the Onecard shop and get your free lightrail pass.
  9. Use your Sac State Onecard for discounts all over town. Visit www.csus.edu/aba/onecard/Discounts.html for more info.

*One Card Discount