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10 Tips to Ace Your Midterms

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With almost two months of the semester under our belt, students are preparing for the dreaded season of midterms. It feels as if it were just yesterday we were enjoying the summer sun, excited for classes to start. Now, it is time to absorb what has been discussed in lecture and dust off those textbooks to make the grade!

Here are 10 tips to tackling your midterms and becoming a success at this midway point of the semester.

1) Form a Study Group

Get together with some friends in your class. By exchanging contact information you will be able to share notes and collaborate with one another before the exam. You may come out learning something you missed or assist others with your knowledge in some way!

2) Disconnect

This is probably one of the most challenging tasks. Put down the phone and log off of social media ASAP! By breaking the routine of checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you will see how much you can accomplish!

3) Find a Quiet Area

Switch things up a bit and find a calm and quiet place to study. This can be on campus in the 24-hour AIRC building, a local Starbucks or library. This will help you focus on the task at hand and retain information easily.

4) Sleep

College students need at least 8 hours of sleep each night. The harsh reality is that for most of us that does not happen. It will go a long way if you ensure that you get some rest for a decent amount of hours. You’ll also save yourself from being in a zombie state! Go catch up on some zZzZz’s.

5) Don’t Procrastinate!

We have all done this throughout our educational career. The simple thing to say here is…DON’T DO IT! Saying to oneself that you’ll do that assignment later will not only hurt your grade but it becomes a burden when your friends want to go out on the weekend. Clear your mind. Get things done on time!

6) Get Organized

First things first – dig out those syllabi or locate them on Blackboard and pay close attention to what is being asked of you. This will help determine what to study for and the format that your teacher will be using. This is hands-down the best way to keep anything from sneaking up on you. Second, use a planner to become more efficient and on top of your game!


7) Prioritize

What is important? As part of the college cycle we juggle a social life with work and school. Putting in time and giving attention to those things that are best for us will be beneficial in the long run. Your time is precious — every minute counts.

8) Ask Questions

When in doubt, ask. This is the time of the semester where the professors are your most valuable resource. Clarify things that don’t necessarily come easy to you or if you would like more of an explanation. Better to ask questions now than to take exams and get lost as time goes on. Office hours of professors can be found within the department of your major.

9) Eat Right

Instead of soda and fatty foods, switch it up and have some water and protein. This will help you have more energy and allow you to function to the best of your ability when it comes to remembering facts and constructing your ideas for a midterm. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will improve your health and memory capabilities.

10) Take Breaks

Try not to cram everything in! Take some breaks to allow yourself to unwind and clear your head. Take a nice walk and get some fresh air. This will help offset some of the anxiety that stems from testing.

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