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The Art of Presenting

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article-new_ehow_images_a07_as_0v_teach-kids-give-oral-presentation-800x800Presentations are not a new concept, especially to college students.  For many, their first presentation dates back as far as elementary school, some in middle school and others in high school. To some people, presenting comes naturally to them and they often see it as a fun thing to do, but others not so much.

Standing in front of a classroom or a large group of people and presenting a concept, being in a mock debate or even reading an essay can be nerve wracking.

But fret not! There’s always something on campus that is beneficial to the students of Sacramento State. On Tuesday, November 13th, Dr. Michele Foss-Snowden, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Communication Studies will be presenting at the Presentation Skills Workshop for students.

The workshop is to teach students how to increase their confidence and learn new presenting skills. Learn how to give a persuasive presentation, engaging your audience and overcome nervousness or anxiety.

What are some things you’d like to improve on in your presenting skills?  Let us know in the comment section below!