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Tales of a Transfer Student

After I joined the club I gained much more confidence on campus and in my classes and started openly engaging people in my class.

Sac State is a campus that has a vibrant college life and social scene hidden behind a shrouded veil.  You have to be willing to travel back alleys, eavesdrop on fellow students, and generate informants and contacts. Just kidding; student life at  Sac State is extremely fun and easy to get tapped into if you know what to do.

I remember my first day at Sac State.  It was the Fall semester, the campus was full of bright-eyed freshmen, club tents, and young adults traveling from class to class.  I was excited to meet new people and make new friends, but this was a bit harder than I anticipated.  I am an extremely social and outgoing person, so imagine my frustration when everyone on campus just walks from class to class with their headphones ignoring everything around them.  The people I did meet in class were quick to leave right after it ended to go home; this was not what I expected college to be.  

Being a transfer a student is a bittersweet situation; on one hand you are an older upper class man, on the opposite hand you missed out on forming relationships on campus like the 4-year students who are now in your classes.  Add this to the mentality of students on campus and you possibly could have a recipe for an uneventful college experience. Lucky for you I've climbed that mountain and conquered it.

I quickly realized that in order for me to tap into a social scene on campus, I would have to get more involved.  First thing I did was find a club that aligned with my interests.  There was no doubt in my mind what club I wanted to join, I had lived in Lake Tahoe for two years, so the Ski and Snowboard Club was the one for me.  

After attending just one of their meetings, I met a group of friends that I instantly connected with and who would go on to become my best friends, support group, and compatriots in our many adventures and excursions.  Joining a club is a sure way to make friends and meet people who share similar interests; it's also a great opportunity to try something new you've never done.

After I joined the club, I gained much more confidence on campus and in my classes and started openly engaging people in my class.  The other cool thing about it was being able to walk across campus and see a bunch of people I know and slap hands with them and chat about life.  Shortly after this, I got a job on campus working for Associated Students Inc. in their Marketing Department.  This put me in contact with even more people on campus to the point where I cannot walk across campus and not have someone scream my name and say hi to me.

The moral of the story is if you're a transfer student or any student the best way to start having that college experience is to get involved on campus with clubs, student orgs, or employment, and start meeting people and making friends and connections. You won't be disappointed.