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Hear Me Vote at the 2019 ASI Elections

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#HearMeVote at the 2019-2020 ASI Elections. This is an incredibly important election for Sacramento State students because it directly effects us in ways we might not realize. During elections, the students vote on who they want to have on our Board of Directors for the upcoming academic year.

Associated Students, Inc. is governed by the Board of Directors elected by the students. The Board engages in board meetings to make decisions and engage in discussions about very important topics such as upcoming legislation and campus concerns. They have an incredible influence on campus culture and they are here to serve you!

It is in the best interest of the Sacramento State student population at large to get online during April 9 through April 10 or to one of the polling locations to vote for the Board members of their choice. Campus life is what you make of it, and a lot of that has to do with how you advocate for yourselves and your communities.

So don’t forget to vote! We are currently running a sticker campaign on Instagram for the upcoming elections. Winners can receive a pair of AirPods, gifts cards to Target and Amazon, and an ASI Prize pack. You can find the steps to the campaign below.

  1. Pick up a Hear Me Vote sticker at one of the ASI locations. Stickers are available at the ASI Hot Spot (first floor of the University Union), Government Office (third floor of the University Union), as well as many locations all over campus.
  2. Put your sticker on your personal property and take a picture. Please don’t put stickers in public spaces!
  3. Post your picture to your Instagram account and tag #HearMeVote AND @sacstateasi to be entered to win one of the prizes.
  4. Don’t forget to vote on April 9 and 10!

This sticker campaign is being held on Instagram only. We will be choosing winners from the pool of participants who we can see have tagged both the hashtag and the ASI Instagram account. Let us hear you vote!