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50 Things To Do Over Winter Break!

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Since winter break is coming up. We thought it would only be fit to keep our Hornets busy during the break. Here is a list of 50 things to do.

Things you can do with Sac State

1. Go on a trip with Peak Adventures.

2. Buy or rent next semester’s books at the Hornet Bookstore.

3. Listen to KSSU radio.

4. Take a group fitness class at The WELL.

5. Stop by the Art Gallery on the second floor of The University Union.

6. Play games in the University Union Games Room.

7. Do some band research and submit a list of your favorite bands to U.N.I.Q.U.E. Programs.

8. Attend a Farmers Market and try food from Edith’s who comes to the Farmers Market at Sac State.

9. Watch a movie in theaters like The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug or Disney’s Frozen. (you can buy discounted movie tickets at our student store)


 THings you can do in Sacramento

  1. Go to the Real Big Fish concert at Ace of Spades on Jan. 8.
  2. Go see CHK CHK CHK !!! at Assembly on Jan. 24.
  3. Read SUBMERGE Magazine to learn about upcoming bands and talent.
  4. Check out local eateries in midtown.
  5. Go shopping at Arden Fair or Roseville Galleria.
  6. Go Ice Skating in Sacramento.
  7. Take up a new hobby, or go shopping at Hobby Lobby.

 Things you can do at home

  1. Recycle your garbage.
  2. Try a new drink at Starbucks.
  3. Make a paper airplane.
  4. Find our how other countries celebrate New Years.
  5. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
  6. Make a creative video and post it on Youtube.
  7. Make a pillow fort.
  8. Make smores.
  9. Play board games like Quelf or Cranium.
  10. Read a new book.
  11. Try a new recipe.
  12. Browse new music on Spotify, iTunes Radio, or 8tracs.
  13. Breathe on your windows and draw designs on them.
  14. Organize your clothes.
  15. Sort your photos on your iPhone.
  16. Try out new apps for you phone for your tablet.
  17. Organize the files on your desktop computer or your laptop.
  18. Sleep.
  19. Study for your MCATS, GRE, and GMAT test.
  20. Get a haircut.
  21. Work.
  22. Visit and old friend.
  23. Have a spa day.
  24. Volunteer.
  25. Create or remake your resume.
  26. Give your room a makeover.
  27. Plan a trip to Southern California.
  28. Spend a day with the family.
  29. Visit a theme park.
  30. Watch old movies with friends.
  31. Write a letter to the troops.
  32. Donate books or toys to charity.
  33. Create a website.
  34. Apply for scholarships.

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