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8 Ways to Keep Calm and Study on During Finals Week

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frabz-This-is-the-way-I-Walk-out-of-my-final-exam-6303c5_large1)   Make a Schedule (and stick to it!)

The best way to not stress about everything you have going on is to make a schedule of what you need to get done before the end of the week and then prioritize.  Knowing exactly what you need to be doing will help you stay focused, stress less and help you avoid having to use the “I didn’t know that was due today” excuse.

2)     Use Bright Lights

Believe it or not bright lights help you concentrate and prevent you from dozing off when studying for the “not so fun” class.

3)     Exercise

Working out is the best way to blow off steam and work off stress.  Get creative, go kayaking with a friend or shoot hoops with some people after class, it will be better for you in the long run.

4)     Chew Gum

Chewing gum will help you stay focused while studying and it is proven to boost mental performance!

5)     Eat Clean

Eating healthy is always better for your body and brain than eating foods saturated with sugar and carbs, but during finals week try to eat clean too! This means try really hard to eat only natural, fresh foods with zero chemicals and preservatives.  Check out a few of Sacramento’s farmers markets the week before to stock up.  Your body will feel and run better and you will have a lot more energy than you would otherwise.  Also, remember not to skip meals!  Even if you only have time for a little snack it is better for your body than going without food entirely.

6)     Vary Your Study Place and Keep it Organized

Don’t study in the same place every night and be sure that wherever you do study is clean and organized, it will help you stay focused and retain the information better.

7)     Don’t Over Caffeinate

Putting too much caffeine into your body can increase your anxiety and stress rates.  It will end up having the opposite effect than you had initially desired, know your limits!

8)     Sleep!

“But I have a presentation and two papers due tomorrow AND a quiz and a test.  PLUS I have work and I have to promote my clubs upcoming event and I have to work on this group project that is due at the end of the week”…  I get it, school and work and life can be overbearing sometimes, especially during finals week but sleep is a necessity!  As much as you think it makes more sense to pull a few all-nighters and get everything done you really will be better off with at least a few hours of sleep a night.  Sleep helps you stay focused and be as productive as possible when you are awake.