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ASI Board of Directors Finalize Their Strategic Plan

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The elected student leaders of Associated Students Inc. completed their strategic plan for the upcoming academic year. Topics that are covered in the strategic plan revolve around promoting student success, better visibility of ASI as well as an exploration of a campus pantry and garden. These ideas sprouted from the comments and concerns heard by students-at-large as well as overall knowledge of ASI programs and services.

“I think that we have a lot of really good ideas,” said Lauren Lombardo, Director of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies of ASI. “We are going to help the student body and give them access to more resources than they already have.”

Erica Brown, Executive Vice President of ASI, has the responsibility of guiding the board of directors. As elected officials of ASI, board members have the responsibility of representing the students and addressing their wants and concerns. The strategic plan is one of the main ways to formally acknowledge these affairs. The board began to concentrate on these issues at their annual board retreat this past August. Many ideas were proposed but with the short length of time in office, the difficult decision making came with deciding what the focuses of the board would be this year

One of the toughest topics that was discussed was the feasibility of a campus pantry. This idea streamed from an email which Brown received in her inbox during her term as director of arts and letters. It contained a survey with questions in regard to starting a pantry on campus. Over the summer, she received the survey results and decided to meet with Lynn Hanna, Ph.D., assistant professor in nutrition science, as well as Beth Lesen, associate vice president for student engagement & support.

Although ASI officials liked the idea of a campus pantry, another related idea that came to mind was the opportunity to have an on-campus garden. This garden would be ran and maintained by student clubs and organization and have the capability of producing food for the pantry.

“I really enjoy that ASI is taking a large step towards philanthropic and community engagement efforts,” said Nielsen Gabriel, president/CEO of ASI. “I look forward to seeing where these projects go and the future outcome for the students of Sacramento State.”

For more information about ASI’s strategic plan for 2013-14, contact Erica Brown at asievp@csus.edu.

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