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ASI Board of Directors Plan for the 2012-2013 Year

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Two weekends ago, the ASI Board of Directors gathered to create their strategic plan for this upcoming 2012-2013 academic school year. Each of the college representatives (except for Director of Undeclared, which is vacant) along with the vice presidents and executives were able to voice their opinions about many issues concerning students at Sacramento State this year. Prior to putting together a long list of ideas, however, the Board of Directors were able to learn a little more about who they are as a leader and how their role plays into ASI.

Gina Curry, Director of Financial Services, kicked off the board retreat by introducing the board to their personal leadership style.

Communication is the crux to what makes us successful. Curry reminded the board.

Everyone had taken the Myers-Briggs test prior to the retreat that measured their style of leadership in four different areas; where you prefer to focus your attention, how you acquire information, how you make decisions and how you deal with the outer world. Each of the areas had a spectrum that concluded how a board member would react. For example, under where you focus your attention, some members were extraverts while other were introverts. Many members of the board felt they were on one side of the EI spectrum but upon receiving their tests they found to be the complete opposite or even border line. Personal style, although, may change time to time or even from work place to home to school. Curry told the board to work within who they are and use the good parts about themselves to be effective in a team.

The board was also given an in-depth lecture not only on the ASI structure but also the University governing structure and the CSU system. Leslie Davis, Director of the University Union, emphasized that the Board of Directors specifically represents the 28,000 students that make up Sac State.

If you want to change something, you must go back to the students. Davis mentioned.

Many of the board members plan to be out at events around campus this year as well as visiting clubs and organizations to be sure they are receiving a clear vision of what the students want. Several colleges also have joint councils that meet one or twice a month so that students under that college have the opportunity to speak to their ASI director about issues within their college.

Get opinions so [you] know how to vote at the board meetings Nielsen Gabriel, ASI Executive Vice President, added.

Mark Montalvo, Director of Finance and Budget, presented to the board about how ASI specifically functions. He went over how the ASI budget is created and where it goes, talked about committees students can get involved in and he even mentioned Prop 30 and the trigger reduction and how those might affect ASI as a whole.

Sarah Couch, Director of the Office of Governmental Affairs, and Vance Jarrard, California State Student Association (CSSA) Representative, gave a presentation to the board describing what the Office of Governmental Affairs can provide students who want to get involved with local, state and federal advocacy. Students have the opportunity to become a member of Lobby Corps, intern within OGA, become a City Ambassador and more.

After learning about many aspects of ASI, the Board of Directors were able to come up with several ideas that would form this year’s strategic plan. Some of the ideas ranged from ASI visibility to sustainability and wellness and although the Board of Directors have yet to make their strategic plan official, they hope that the plan truly represents ASI and the students at Sacramento State.

We may be part of CSSA, L.E.A.D., Strive, Engineering but in the end, we are ASI. -Leslie Davis

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