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ASI Children’s Center Gains Re-accredidation

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The Associated Students’ Children’s Center received re-accreditation from the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs. This is the third time for them to receive this special seal of approval from NAEYC. An early childhood specialist came to determine if the center meets the national standards of quality of services for young children and their families. Accreditation is in place to make sure the program meets high standards and is always working on ways to improve the quality of care and education provided for the young children enrolled.

“We are proud of our mission to provide quality child care for student families so they can complete their educational goals. With NAEYC Accreditation we can demonstrate that our program provides excellent child care that meets the highest quality criteria in the country.”

– Dr. Denise Wessels

childrenThe NAEYC is the nation’s largest organization for early childhood educators. Their process allows a way for professionals and families to evaluate, compare, and strengthen early childhood programs. National accreditation is only achieved by 7% of children’s centers nationwide.

The ASI Children’s Center’s staff is constantly working to create a home oriented environment that meets the emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of the children enrolled.

For more information about the Children’s Center, you can visit the ASI website.

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