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ASI Scholarships🤑

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ASI makes it rainđź’°

Get rewarded for being involved on campus! With all of the programs and services, not many students are aware that ASI also provides scholarships. Totaling up all the tuition, textbooks, rent, and food; college can get pretty pricey. There are many scholarships offered through the school and outside Sac State through other organizations. ASI is yet another opportunity to help out with all your hefty education expenses. Applying for a scholarship is made simple and easy. Go to the ASI website, under “Scholarships & Grants” you will see a subcategory labeled “ASI Scholarships“, which provides the links to the scholarship application. There are many scholarships to choose from that are offered by ASI: 16 ASI scholarships ($500 each), 1 United States Armed Forces scholarship ($500 each), 1 Students with Disabilities scholarship ($500 each), 5 Dreamer’s scholarships ($500 each), and 5 Memorial scholarships ($1000 each).

There are a few general requirements in order to receive an ASI scholarship:

  • Must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 undergraduate or 6 graduate units.
  • Good academic standing with the University at the time of application.
  • Be an active contributor and participant in the Sacramento State community.


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