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ASI Spreads the Love

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On February 14th, ASI President Laura Gonzalez presented the State of Students address to a packed house in the lobby of the University Union. The theme was “Spread the Love” and featured free food, drinks and valentines making. The text of her speech and a video clip can be found below.

Spreading the Love is the theme of the day. It can mean very different things, the word: Love.

To me the best form of Love is Empowerment. Empowerment is knowing your worth, your contributions, and your importance to something bigger than you.

We as students are valuable to Sacramento State, the Sacramento Community, and the vibrant state of California.

I know this because I hear it in my meetings with faculty, University administration, Alumni, legislative representatives, and community members.

Students make a University; and Sacramento State Students are truly making their mark on this campus and in community.

In ASI, we have made it a goal to increase the communication within shared governance between students, faculty, and university administration, by increasing the number of students sitting in university committees, and ensuring we represent the student voice in discussions and the decision-making process.

We have ASI Committees , where student ideas such as a Farmer’s Market on the Sac State campus have started, where decisions about the direction of ASI ( which provides student services and student representation) are made and where students gain skills and share their leadership in student issues.

Students are making a difference:

Through clubs and organizations on campus by providing support, service, and successes to Sac State, joint councils within colleges are striving for greater unity between students in academic departments by working on research, community projects, and peer mentoring student staff and volunteers in campus programs: such as Multi-Cultural Center, Pride Center, Women’s Resource Center, Veterans Center, and Serna Center contribute to the college experience by providing a resources for all students to benefit from and participate in Student interns in the Green Army demonstrate their abilities by promoting our sports teams and unleashing the Hornet pride we all have as Sac State students

Students are making a difference, and these are a few examples.

The reality is that not all students have the time or opportunity to be everywhere and be a part of everything.

But there are things we all as students have in common. Registering for classes, paying for tuition, declaring a major, using campus resources, receiving advising, and we ALL spend four, five, or six years at Sacramento State with the goal of graduating

But We need to ask some questions

We need to ask questions about our experience as students, what are the challenges we face, and how will we ensure we make our voices HEARD, needs met and CHANGES are made

We as students have the responsibility and ability to REDEFINE what education at Sacramento State means to us and what the CSU looks like

One way to start, is by drawing attention to the disinvestment of public higher education in California and how cuts to higher education have diminished our college experience.

We have all felt the impact of fee increases in the CSU. We all as students have made it a priority to be in college. But at what cost? Less quality, access, and affordability.

If fewer Californians can access college then our workforce will be less prepared in the future.


The Public Policy Institute of California projects by 2025 there will be a shortfall of one million college graduates in California needed to fill job demands.

We are an investment to California.

The CSU graduates 90,000 people into the workforce each year. The CSU sustains more than 150,000 jobs annually. And For every $1 the state invests in the CSU, $5.43 is generated in economic activity.

ITS TIME to Listen, Be Involved, Educate, Empower, Give Back, and LEAD!

We need to:

Be Involved and Listen- sit in university committees and represent the student voice.

Educate- visit, write, or call our representatives and share our stories as students, talk to community members in chamber of commerce. Sac State students can do this by joining lobby corps and city ambassadors.

Empower and Give Back-inform our communities and families about the importance of public higher education and ask for support.

And we need to March! This March 5 students from UC, CSU, and California Community Colleges will all be marching together for higher education.

I ask that you Join and spread the word!

On March 1 there will be a higher education rally taking place where  students will have the opportunity to share their voice in the Bucks Start Here Campaign.

We can make Change and we can all LEAD! Leadership begins with all of us. Whatever you can do is not too small. But anything you do, is for the CSU and its future.


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