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ASI’s Guide To: Back-to-School✏️

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Summer is over, Hornets!

This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill!!!🚨⚠️

How you start off in the beginning of the semester can most likely set the mood for the rest of the term. ASI is here to offer you a few tips to stay organized, focused, and make it your best semester yet! Whether it be bad studying habits, piling on more tasks than you can handle, or mastering the art of procrastination; if you follow these few pointers then you might be able to overcome any obstacle thrown at you. No matter what your major is, school can be very overwhelming and stressful. The most important thing is to remember you’re not alone in this. There are many people on campus who can help you through whatever you may be struggling with. Whether it be a professor, counselor, or your fellow classmates. Aside from your support system, ASI is also here for you with tips to better your academic experience here at Sac State!


TIp#546: Not a sock out of place✨🔑

Organization is key to staying on track. Have all your files, binders, and notebooks labeled correctly. Past all your papers and textbooks, keeping your outside surroundings as neat as possible is also a huge benefit. If you set one hour of your time, once a week, to clean your room and empty your backpack of unnecessary items, you can help clear out all distractions and focus more on your studies and responsibilities. Having a messy, cluttered workspace can raise your stress levels and cause you more anxiety than needed. Also, if your backpack is unkempt and filled with papers you no longer need, you may forget about important assignments and worksheets that get lost in the mess. Just remembering to clean weekly can improve your study habits and keep you on track for the school year. So moral of this tip, try not to keep even a sock out of place!

Tip#4: Make friends, not stress👭👫👬

Having a social life can be a distraction in the best way possible. A majority of stressing is done outside the study hours, so distract yourself with friends. Laughter and fun is the perfect cure to anxiety and you’re friends are the antidote. Even friends inside the classroom can be a good stress reliever. When you have a friend in your most stressful class, it can help alleviate some of the tension off your shoulders. It’ll be comforting to know you have someone who understands the pressure you’re feeling. So the next time you’re sitting at home post study time, call up some friends and make plans to go out to your favorite restaurant. Make plans a week ahead to give you something to look forward to, thus giving you the drive to get through the week. For stress relief during weekdays, find a cool new coffee shop to study at or create weekly study sessions with some your classmates. Everything in moderation, even time with your buddies.

Tip#286: fruit salad, yummy yummy🍓🍇

You are what you eat so during the school year you need SUPERFOOD. Not all heroes wear capes, fruits and veggies are the true unsung heroes when it comes to brain food. An apple a day keeps the stress away. Yes, you read that correctly. Studies show that apples, as well as blueberries, reduce stress levels and help with depression. Slip in some of those greens and berries into your study snack. There are many tasty ways to incorporate these superfoods into your diet. Some delicious, easy-to-make recipes are apples with peanut butter; carrots with hummus; banana with almond butter, sprinkled in powdered sugar; and frozen yogurt covered blueberries. Play around with some recipes and meal-prep some yummy snacks for your study hours. It’ll be tasty and beneficial, what’s better than that?!

Tip#64: Club Sandwich🍞

Beef up your resume through clubs and organizations on campus. During the first few weeks of the semester there will be tons of clubs tabling all across campus. Start toasting the bread of your club sandwich by listening to what each club table has to say. You may end up finding a club or organization you didn’t even know existed that fits you perfectly.  Coat the bread of your sandwich by signing up for at least two clubs that interest you. From there, dress your sandwich by attending meetings and events. Towards the end of the semester if you’re feeling really motivated and become totally invested in one of your clubs (or both, the more the merrier), then running for a board position would be the olive through a toothpick to tie your sandwich all together. By the time you’re ready to put on that cap and turn the tassel to the left, you’ll have the juiciest sandwich you know almost every employer would love to take a bite into!

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