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ASI’s Guide To: Finals Week

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It’s the final countdown, Hornets! Students have feared finals week, otherwise known as dead week, for decades. This traumatizing week of stress is nothing but an illusion made up in your head caused by lack of preparation and other common mistakes most students make. We all have our own personal ways of studying, whether it be the folks who work best under pressure from procrastination or the early birds who prepare a couple weeks prior to exams. Either way, the following article is here to help each and every one of you improve your study styles and help you conquer your way through these last and final days. Starting to feel those beads of sweat from stress form on your forehead? First off, stop scrunching that face you’ll get wrinkles. Secondly, ASI is here to enlighten you with tips and tricks to master the art of finals week!


TIP#372: Bottoms Up!

It is important that when you are studying you remember to drink lots of water. It has been tested that those who regularly consumed water while studying for exams did 5% better than those who did not, according to BBC. Make sure you are drinking at least 6-8 cups of water a day. Hydrating is key, especially during finals week. With all the caffeinated beverages you are consuming your body needs to flush out the bad toxins, as well as keep your body naturally energized. Coffee, though effective, can be harmful to your liver if you consume too much of it. A good water to caffeine ratio to remember is for every cup of coffee you drink, take down an extra cup of water.

TIP#24: Me-Time

Pace yourself, you can only retain so much information in so little time. Don’t push yourself past your limits. Study breaks are key to maintaining a healthy balance between nonstop focus and tempting distractions. It helps fuel your motivation throughout the allotted time you set for uninterrupted studying. If you have no idea when to take a break and how long you should study for, a good tip is to grind out 25-minutes of dedication and reward yourself with a 5-minute break. 5-minutes is a perfect amount of time for a quick off-topic activity, such as watching a YouTube video, stretching, meditating, dancing around to your favorite song, make a quick phone call to a friend, or listening to a stand-up comedy podcast.

TIP#211: take a trip down to dreamland

Sleep deprivation is probably your worst enemy when it comes to studying. Lack of sleep can affect you in ways other than just being exhausted and not being able to focus. Sleep is a way for your body to reboot and energize, so it is important to get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Make sure you set yourself a stopping point for early in the evening so you can get in enough sleep, but also wake up at an appropriate time in the morning to get back to the books. Studies show after a good nights sleep; people are able to retain more information and improve on memory tasks.

tip#65: squad up

Friends can be your biggest distraction or your best motivation; it’s up to you to utilize your tools wisely. Set goals for yourself while studying and when you reach that goal you can reward yourself with a quick break for socializing with your best friends. Studying with friends can be very effective if you create something to look forward to and tell yourself you cannot socialize until you finish studying a set amount of material. Also, seeing people around you hard at work can push you further into your studies. Your breaks won’t be so lonely and you can all help keep each other on track by sticking to a organized study schedule. It’s comforting to know you have other people in the same boat as you, don’t let finals week make you feel stranded on an island by yourself. You don’t have to lock yourself in your room alone for hours on end. Studying can be productive and fun at the same time if you play your cards right.


tip#438: Stop hitting yourself. stop hitting yourself. why are you still htting yourself?

It’s true; you are your worst critic. You can have the greatest support system in the world, however, if you don’t believe that you can do it, then you can’t. Having a negative mentality while studying will do more harm than good. Love yourself, if you believe you can do it then you can. Clear your head of all negative thoughts, take a few minutes of deep breathing to calm you down, drink some water, and then proceed to studying. If you are overwhelmed and freaking out about how badly you’re going to fail then you will psych yourself out. Next thing you know, you will have spent more time worrying about what grade you’re going to get then actually studying. It’s all about time management and taking it one step at a time. Never look at how much you have to do, focus on what you’re working on right now. If you stay positive and try your best to understand all the material then you’ll know you did the best you possibly could.

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