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ASI’s Top 10 April Fools’ Day Pranks

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1) Spill “milk” all over your friend’s most prized possession.

**This splatter can be easily made with soap and water!



Materials Needed:

– a piece of glass, or any smooth surface
– white glue, aka elmer’s
– soap, or any lubricant (cooking spray, WD40, etc)
– knife




2) Bake a pan of brownies and give them to someone special…Get it? Brown E’s!












3) Switch the bags inside two boxes of cereal.









4) Paint your roommates bar of soap with nail polish and leave it in the shower.










5) Put a twist on a sunny-side-up egg.

**A half peach in yogurt makes a delicious breakfast!









6) Confuse a buddy on their ride to school.









7) Put a fake parking ticket on the windshield of your friends car.












8) Make a mashed potato sundae and add some gravy. A strawberry on top will help it look the part!












9) put some Scratch stickers on your mom’s new car!












10) A mOLDY lunch bag will be a snack to never forget.









Photo Credits: Soda Head Multimedia, Buzzfeed, AprilFoolZone, Newsday, SweetSerendipity, Pophangover