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Campus food choices

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So many choices, yet so little time!

Now that finals are around the corner, sleep seems to fall by the way side and studying gets the best of us. I know it can be tempting when choosing what to eat for lunch, to go with the quickest option possible. However, the quickest options can sometimes be the least beneficial. ASI decided to go on a hunt to find the most nutritious food on campus to help fuel our bodies!

What we found:


A huge variety of options from salads, soups, and sandwiches! They also catering to those who prefer vegetarian and vegan options such as the Epicure black bean burger (Yum!). Epicure Restaurant is located in the University Union across from Round Table Pizza.


RF Greens

Create your own salad bar! Choose from a variety of lettuces and toppings to create your own customized healthy lunch. They also have delicious soups, and quick lunch options such as organic protein drinks when you’re limited on time. RF Greens is located in the river front plaza, by Mendocino and Del Norte Hall.

saigonLogoSaigon Bay

 The perfect place to get a warm meal for the upcoming months! They offer Pho soup, fresh spring rolls, and Bahn Mi sandwiches (If you’ve never had one, they’re a MUST!) They are located outside in the quad, in front of the library.

goodeatsLogoGood Eats

Simple menu but options for everyone! They offer sandwiches, rotisserie chicken entrees, and salads. Affordable and healthy! Located in the University Union.

courtyardLogoCourtyard Market

Options include sandwiches, smoothies, snacks, and freshly brewed Starbucks coffee! They also offer vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options! Courtyard Market is located in the Residence Hall quad.


Share an Instagram photo of your favorite dish from one of these restaurants using hash tag #sacstateasi and be entered to win one of our new ASI mason jar cups!  

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