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Celebrity sightings at the ASI Farmers Market

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With Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Jimmy Fallon all over the news, no one knows when they will see the next big celebrity in public. With a whole new series of ASI Farmers Markets this semester, you’ll never guess what celebrity has displayed interest in making an appearance on campus.


Attribution - SacStateASI

Attribution – SacStateASI


Kenny the carrot

Kenny the Carrot is a recent Sac State alumnus who majored in Organic Chemistry. Kenny’s aspires to work in the United States Department of Agriculture next to his colleague Bruce Broccoli. Due to his recent addiction to the award-winning TV series The Walking Dead, Kenny had to make life changing decisions and stay in Sacramento.


Paris the Pea

Paris the Pea is a foreign exchange student who has built a strong career in acting. After reaching a total of 3 subscribers on Youtube, she learned that film was the right choice for her. Paris is the first actress to win the Oscar of Best Supporting Actress in an Organic Film. Her most notable role was in the film, The Princess and The Pea; War and Peas.


If you’re lucky you may be able to catch these famous celebrities at one of these ASI Farmers Market:

Jan. 30

Feb. 13, 27

March 13

April 10, 24

May 8


*Venders may vary


For more information regarding the ASI Farmers Market, visit http://www.asi.csus.edu/programs/farmers-market/.