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Children’s Center Brings Budget Concerns to Governor Brown

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SACRAMENTO (FEBRUARY 27, 2012) At noon on Friday, February 24th, the Associated Students Inc. Children’s Center at Sacramento State invited its families to visit Governor Brown’s office at the State Capitol. This visit was intended to shed light on concerns over the proposed budget cuts, which would end subsidy funding that student parents receive in the CSU systems. These subsidies currently represent one-third of the budget for the Sacramento State Children’s Center. Without this stream of funding, all children’s centers at the CSU campuses will be financially crippled.

Governor Brown’s 2012-2013 budget proposes a shift away from child development programs as an early educational system. It moves the dollars to Social Services County Welfare Departments, where they will be used to support the welfare-to-work programs. Included in this shift is complete elimination of higher education as a need category. If this budget goes into effect, it would effectively eliminate many of the Sacramento State University student parents ability to pursue their education. Between the rising cost of their tuition and fees, and the loss of their subsidized campus child care, pursuit of higher education would be beyond their means.

With the help of the ASI Office of Governmental Affairs at Sacramento State (OGA), the Children’s Center was able to voice its concerns at the Capitol. The Legislative Affairs Coordinator for OGA scheduled appointments for the Children’s Center to meet with the representatives of our district, with each meeting lasting approximately thirty to sixty minutes. In addition to those meetings, an invitation was extended to Governor Brown to come visit the Sacramento State Children’s Center; so he could see first-hand the kind of program that his proposal would affect.

Director of the Children’s Center Denise Wessels and Lila, a two-year old at the center, presented the invitation to a representative of the Governor’s Office. The attendance of the children on this visit served to remind the Governor that these centers are not just services for the student parents, but are also educational programs for the children themselves. The Children’s Center looks forward to hearing back from the Governor’s Office soon.


The Associated Students Inc. Children’s Center is located directly on the campus of California State University. It is structured not as an institution but rather as an extension of the family – a support system existing in a home-oriented environment to meet a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social growth needs. It considers itself a family support service, dedicated to nurturing healthy people. The Center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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