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College Survival 101

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Leaves are beginning to change colors, parking spaces are impossible to find and there is an unusual number of students hanging out on campus. That’s right; fall semester at Sac State has officially begun. Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a transfer student, here are some tips to help you survive your first semester!

1. Learn to navigate around the campus successfully.
It gets stressful when you’re on your way to class with a few minutes to spare. It’s worst when you enter through the doors, only to find out you’re in the wrong building.

Tip: Try coming to campus earlier to learn your way around or during your breaks in between classes, take a walk with a friend, enjoy the scenery around Sac State and check out those building signs!
sev-college-planner-blog2. Make use of your planner.
Remember those goodie backpacks you received during your orientation over the summer? If you haven’t had a chance to peek inside, there’s a 2012-2013 planner waiting patiently for you. I know it may sound like an extra task to do, but writing down your homework; meetings you have to attend or even plans you make for the weekends can help keep you organized. We’re all a little forgetful sometimes, but writing down your tasks can help keep your memory in tack!

Tip: If you run out of room, no need to worry! Write down anything extra on a post-it note and stick it in your planner! It’ll act as an extension so you can keep track of everything you need to do for that day.

3. Be prepared.
We all know attending class isn’t enough to pass the course. There are always pesky homework and tests in the way. Keep up with your classes by reading over the chapters and take notes.

Tip: You know those lovely colorful sticky flags? Those can be useful for marking information in your book without damaging it with pen markings. Post-its can also be used if you want to jot down some important thoughts.

4. Plan study group sessions!

It’s your first semester in college and you don’t know anyone in your class. Chances are, many other students in the same class don’t know each other as well. Make an effort to reach out and suggest you all get together to study for a big test that’s coming up.

Tip: The AIRC or Library are great places to meet and study. The AIRC is open 24/7 and you can check library hours here: http://library.csus.edu/hours/

5. Turn those Facebook notifications off!
We all know it’s difficult to stay away from social media since it’s so integrated into our every day lives. Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest & Twitter are a few social media sites that distract us from paying attention in class or focusing on homework.

Tip: Set some boundaries for yourself. Or even some goals. For example, keep social media visits strictly on the weekends. That way, you could have time for school, work and sleep, not in that particular order.

6. Go. To. Class.

Just because you can skip class, doesn’t mean you should. Some professors have a strict policy on missing class and sometimes skipping puts you behind. You’re paying for your own education; make it worth your while!

Tip: Almost all of us have fancy swanky smart phones at our disposal. Use it to your advantage. Set alarms on your phone to remind you when class starts, that way, you’re reminded to go to class and aren’t tempted to hit the mall.