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CSSA: A Summer Review

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Similar to the Student Body Elections of ASI, CSSA elects a new leadership team every June. Special officers of the association are then elected in July. This is everything from someone to focus on technology in the CSU (Technology Officer) to someone to focus on lobby corps on campuses (Lobby Corps Officer). And Finally in August the association begins getting back into the normal groove of monthly Plenary meetings.

This year Sacramento State’s own Sarah Couch was elected president of the association, becoming the first female president of the association in history.

Myself (Anthony Gibson) also received the appointment of Chief of Staff. And Nielsen Gabriel, Sacramento State ASI President, was elected to Vice Chair of the Internal Affairs Committee.

With a new board of directors, leadership team, and set of special officers, the California State Student Association is just getting started. Here are some of the hot topics expected to be tackled this upcoming board year:

Online Education

This could be the most important year yet when it comes to Online Education. With the newly formed Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment program that allows students in the CSU to enroll in online classes at other CSU campuses, and increased focus coming from the California State Legislator relating to the topics, more than ever CSSA will be sought after for the official voice of the students of the CSU when it comes to Online Education.

Advocate, Advocate, Advocate

CSSA has always had a powerful voice within the State Legislature advocating on behalf of students. This year will be nothing less, and there will most likely be an increased emphasis on advocating for students of the CSU on a national level, seeing the recent and upcoming actions by congress relating directly to financial aid of college students.

Accessibility, Affordability, Quality

As always, CSSA will look to help any effort to improve the student experience in the CSU. This year will most likely see extra support from CSSA on programs like open source and rent digital textbook options, initiatives to improve accessibility for students on campus, and discussions that encourage system and statewide policies that do not limit each campus to be unique in their own ways.

Every representative from Sacramento State’s delegation to CSSA now holds an official role within the organization, and the newly formed board of directors is nothing short of ecstatic to get the ball rolling on improving the college experience for all students in the CSU. Keep an eye on the WLP magazine throughout the year for more CSSA meeting recaps as the year progresses.

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