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CSSA: Stanislaus

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Each month a different CSU hosts the CSSA Plenary meeting. Every school sends a delegation to the meetings, and each school has a vote at the table. Each school builds their delegation differently, Sac State has a dedicated CSSA representative (me) and also sends the ASI President (Nielsen Gabriel).

CSU Stanislaus hosted the September CSSA Plenary meeting. The college was established in 1957 and is the only campus in the CSU system to offer a bachelor’s degree in cognitive studies. Accredited in 1964, it held class on the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds until moving to its current location in 1965. Additional members that were in attendance at this Plenary included ASI Executive VP, Erica Brown, and ASI VP of Academic Affairs, Chantel Banus.

The weekend was jam packed with many discussions, primarily those surrounding topcs of projects that are currently being worked on within CSSA like Online Education, or an updated Sustainability Policy, or Federal Advocacy for CSSA.

Policy Agenda

At The CSSA board approved the policy agenda that will be used to direct CSSA for the following year. The following is a brief outline of the sections included in this year’s policy agenda:

  • Goal 1: Ensure the improvement and establishment of systemwide programs and resources for students. Support the quality of the student experience through assessment and implementation of safety and accessibility needs, as well as the creation of student programs and initiatives that ensure the quality of the student experience on campus.
  • Goal 2: Advocate to the state legislature for the growth and quality of the CSU. Increase student participation in advocacy at the state level, both in-district and at the state capitol, to ensure that the CSU is evaluated for the overall affordability, accessibility and quality of the system.
  • Goal 3: Advocate on behalf of Higher Education initiatives and legislation at the Federal Level. Increase the affordability and accessibility of the CSU by advocating on behalf of CSU students in Washington D.C.

*Full Policy Agenda is available on the CSSA website at www.CSUStudents.org

Notable Appointments

2 new members joined the Sac State delegation that attends CSSA each month. Erica Brown, ASI EVP was appointed to serve as the Chair of the Chess planning committee, and Chantel Banus, ASI VPAA was appointed to the Initial Review Board, which handles most of the process for searching for the next student trustee.


The next meeting is in CSU East Bay on October 12-13. Be sure to keep an eye out for more updates in the future!

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