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Don’t Be Left Out, Get Linked In

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With student loans, credit card bills and all the other things college kids have to pay for, it is even more important to get a good job when you graduate. Jobs are getting more and more competitive with who they hire, so it is crucial to know how to best market yourself and what image you want to portray to your future employers. A good way to do that is LinkedIn, a business oriented social media site. LinkedIn is becoming a more and more popular way to find jobs, but it can be intimidating if you don’t know what it is or how to use it. In 2006 they had 20 million viewers, so it is a good place to start as a way to market yourself to employers.

LinkPostcardWe are having a “Get Linked In” event Thursday October 16th from 12-2pm in the Hinde auditorium. At this event, students will learn all about the benefits of LinkedIn. At the event you will also learn how to build your resume and find a job. The CEO and founder of Insight PR, Tim Harris, will also be there as a guest speaker. In times of such a competitive job market, this is a great opportunity to get ahead!


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