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Injury & Illness

Work Related Injury & Illness Procedures

  1. Be sure that First Aid is given.
  2. Discuss with the injured whether the first aid is adequate or further treatment is necessary.
    a) If the patient thinks further treatment is needed, go to Step #3.
    b) If you think the patient needs further treatment, go to Step #3.
    c) If you both agree that first aid is all that was needed, do not go to step #3
  3. See that the injured is taken to Kaiser Occupational Medicine


    Facility Address Phone
    Occupational Medicine Department 2016 Morse Avenue (916) 973-5499
    Emergency Room 2025 Morse Avenue (916) 973-6000
    Urgent Care Clinic 2025 Morse Avenue (916) 973-5264

    South Sacramento

    Facility Address Phone
    Occupational Medicine 6600 Bruceville Road (916) 688-2644
    Emergency Room 6600 Bruceville Road (916) 688-2535
    Urgent Care 6600 Bruceville Rd. Medex II Bldg. (916) 688-2040
    Advice Nurse N/A (916) 688-2106
  4. Fill out the following forms & submit to HR
    a) Employers Report of Occupational Injury/ Illness
    b)Workers Compensation Claim Form (DWC1)
  5. Submit the forms to Maria Waterford Human Resources & Safety Manager, (916) 278-5484 right away; deadline is 5-day post accident.
  6. Workers Compensation Carrier is: Sedgwick Risk Services
    PO Box 3170
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95741

    (916) 851-8058

  7. Do not permit the employee to return to work without a visit verification form from Kaiser. The Kaiser visit verification form will stipulate any necessary work restrictions, so make sure all recommendations are followed. If any work modifications are required, please make them.

Important Safety Notice

For those injuries which result in hospitalization or death, CAL OSHA must be called within eight (8) hours in addition to Sedgewick Report the injury to CAL OSHA at (800) 263-2800. Immediately, notify Executive Director Sandra Gallardo (916) 278-7290 or (530) 647-0712 as well as Maria Waterford Human Resources & Safety Manager (916) 278-5484.