Event Details

  • iFly Indoor Skydiving

  • Location - iFly Indoor Skydiving, Roseville
  • Date - Saturday, Feb 18th
  • Time - 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Description - Experience the feel of skydiving in a controlled environment. A vertical wind tunnel allows you to float on air just feet above the ground. With a highly experienced instructor by your side, it is perfect for anyone who has a fear of heights or flying. Perform aerobatic maneuvers just like skydivers with each flight lasting as long as an actual jump. This adventure travels to iFly in Roseville where we will spend the day having a blast. The wind tunnel is perfect for all ages and experience levels from beginners to experienced skydivers. Trip includes guides, transportation and entry fees.
  • http://www.peakadventures.org/trips.php?id=259&full=true