Event Details

  • Redwoods National Park Camping

  • Location - Redwoods National Park
  • Date - Monday, May 22nd
  • Time - 8:00am
  • Description - This trip is conveniently offered at the end of May to start the summer off right. If you’re looking to take it easy and enjoy the fresh air around some of the oldest trees in the world then this trip will be perfect for you. With five days it will be plenty of time to view wildlife, hike scenic trails, enjoy campfires, and relax. Trip includes guides, transportation, equipment, camping fees, and meals at Redwoods National Park. SIGN UP FOR YOUR ADVENTURE NOW! Pre-Trip Meeting: Peak Adventures 05/17/2017 6:00pm - 7:00am Trip Dates:05/22/2017 - 05/26/2017 Time: 8:00am - 6:00pm  
  • http://www.peakadventures.org/trips.php?id=262&full=true