Event Details

  • Tahoe Backpacking

  • Location - Peak Adventures
  • Date - Friday, Aug 17th
  • Time - 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • Description - Take in views of Lake Tahoe from vistas that few get to see. The crystal clear, blue water will amaze you, and the memories will last a lifetime. This section of the Tahoe Rim Trail parallels the well-known "Flume Trail" which earns its recognition for the breathtaking views of the bright blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Of course, to be able to view all of the lake at once, you will need to hike up in elevation. The trail reaches a high elevation of 9,000 feet and ends at Tunnel Creek Station which is just under 6,500 feet. Peak Adventures has planned the daily mileage for this route to be manageable but challenging for beginning backpackers. Trip price includes guides, transportation, equipment, and dinners.   Dates: 08/17/2018 - 08/19/2018  
  • http://peakadventures.org/trips.php?id=243&full=true