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Extreme Teambuilding

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Disclaimer: The following activities may result in heightened levels of adrenaline, uncontrollable laughter, and increased amounts of fun. 

Continue reading at your own risk.

Do you know what a 50-foot free fall feels like?

The Peak Adventures staff will help you experience this at our ropes course here on campus. Tie into the safety harness and rope system; then have your friends pull the rope raising you to the treetops. Once you’re perched like a bird 50 feet off the ground, release yourself into the free fall and scream your head off or let the campus hear your best Tarzan call! It’s a lot like a giant rope swing, but way more awesome.

How about an obstacle course that’s floating on water?

Think about the TV Show WIPEOUT or MXC the Most Extreme Elimination. Basically, the obstacles on this course are awesome. If you think that obstacle courses are fun and challenging, wait until you try to navigate the one at the Sac State Aquatic Center. This will take the entire group effort, but it’s incredibly fun and a great activity for friends.


The Peak Adventures Challenge Center empowers you and your team to achieve greater results through a personalized learning experience. Skilled facilitators engage participants in: interactive games that build relationships, challenging
problem-solving activities to strengthen teamwork, and exciting climbing opportunities to inspire personal growth.

Reaching your Peak Leadership Development Program:

In this Peak Adventures program you will learn theories on leadership, social responsibilities of a leader and gain confidence in group managemnt as well as appreciation for leadership in task oriented atmosphere.


W.E.T. Team Building:

This is the Sacramento State Aquatic Center version of team building on the water. This fun three-hour team building activity can be used for clubs, teams, and organizations. Some examples might be: canoe tug of war, wiggle races, sail boat transfer challenge, team raft building and kayak relays.



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  1. Johny

    This is sweet! Teambuilding activities are sooo important to develop strong ties between team members and create team synergy. How was it?


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