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Fall 2012 Graduation Part 1: The Beginning

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Hello hello hello.

Welcome to Part 1 of my journey toward Fall 2012 Commencement at California State University, Sacramento. WOW that sounds official. From now on I’m just going to refer to it simply as graduation and I’m going to call the school Sac State.

In late August 2007 I arrived in the dormitory parking lot with my sister and parents and two cars full of crud I thought I needed in my dorm room. Turns out most of it was crud I didn’t need. There were like millions of other freshmen unpacking cars, moving stuff, and waiting in endless lines to become “official dorm residents.” It was still like high school; people were sizing each other up and already forming cliques. I distinctly remember that the Frats were johnny-on-the-spot and started recruiting before most of us even knew what the heck was going on and why we needed to go find this thing called the DC so we could start eating.

After about 500 years of waiting in lines I got my room assignment on the first floor of Desmond Hall (Desmond WHAT WHAT!! PARTY HALL). All my ’07 Desmond Hallers know what I’m talking about. Room 113, I’ll never forget it. Some dude wearing Abercrombie or American Eagle or something, with too much hair gel was strutting around the halls making friends left and right. This guy turned out to be my roommate. I remember thinking to myself, “it’ll be alright, at least this guy will know where all the parties are at.” His name was Blake, and most of you might have heard of him because he was kind of a big deal for the five years he was at Sac State. After my parents left, Blake and I went around meeting people and he introduced me to some frat dudes he already met who happened to be having a kegger that night. Cool. College is going to be awesome…

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