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Fall 2012 Graduation Part 2: Living the Life

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So that roommate of mine started getting super involved in clubs on campus, and I couldn’t help thinking, “alright, yeah, whatever…I’m trying to play Call of Duty, man. Leave me alone.” He was going to meetings or something, but so was I; “I have a meeting at 11:30 with this pizza and that TV and then I have something scheduled under nap time.” Everything was running smoothly with school; until I remembered I hadn’t been going to class and things actually weren’t running smoothly with school.Flash forward a few months, we’re now in the second semester of Freshman year, right in thick of the glory days…

In Pre-Business I was required to take basic business classes. Accounting 2 (ACCY 2) was obviously a course based on working with numbers, because that’s what accountants do. One ratio I will never forget from that class was my attendance…I had missed 8 of the first 11 class meetings. For those of you wondering if there is anything lower than an F, I’m here to answer that for you. Yes, there is. WU. What the heck is that? “Not enough coursework completed to issue a letter grade.” Ouch, my life was over.

That wasn’t the only math I was learning my freshman year. Everyone was talking about the infamous Freshman 15 and I was stuck wondering why it had eluded me…was I not worthy?? I had quit playing soccer, wasn’t going to the gym, and I was on my FIFTH meal plan at the Dining Commons. Standard issue for the DC was 2 meal plans. Shovel-facing food like there’s no tomorrow + laziness should equal putting on some weight. See, I was a 6 foot bean stalk my freshman year. All I wanted was to put on a few pounds so I didn’t disappear if you were looking at me from the side angle; a living, breathing stick person who skipped class and raided the DC store of its pizza, tornados, chips, and candy every night.

Other than that WU in ACCY 2, my GPA was still respectable (somehow). Being “too cool for school” seemed like the way Freshman year was supposed to be. I never thought about getting involved on campus because I thought it would have been a waste of time.

I thought I was living the dream. Truth is, I still had a lot to learn about school, responsibility, and life. But unfortunately this was not the end of my road bumps on the road to graduation. I still had four and half more years ahead of me…

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