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Fall 2012 Graduation Part 3: So Many Choices

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Not much happened in my second and third years at Sac State that have much relevance to the story I want to tell in these posts. However, you should know that I’d gladly write about them for something else. One thing from my sophomore year I feel is important to note is that it was an interesting academic transition period for me. After my screwup-of-epic-proportions in ACCY 2 (as detailed in my previous post), I switched from Pre-Business to Undeclared. I spent one semester taking classes in various fields that interested me. Anthropology (ANTH 1), communications (COMS 5), mechanical engineering (ENGR 6), calculus (MATH 30), and family and social issues (FACS 50). After narrowing my focus down to two options (Anthropology and Mechanical Engineering), I decided to declare my new major as Mechanical Engineering. For the next two semesters I was taking engineering, math, and physics courses; however, I was also still taking classes for Cultural Anthropology. After two semesters as an Engineering student, I called it quits and decided it wasn’t the right fit for me.

more original artwork

more original artwork

I was beginning to realize that the College of Business Administration was the place for me after all, even though I hated that ACCY 2 class. It’s not that I was bad at accounting, in fact I even earned an A when I retook it, it’s just that I find it mind-numbingly boring (sorry all my accountant friends…). What I did find engaging were the marketing classes. I’ve always been a great interpersonal communicator; combine that with the psychology behind buying and selling…I was intrigued. If I were to pick a rap lyric that sums up my excitement about selling stuff, I’d pick Jay-Z’s, “I sell ice in the winter. I sell fire in H*ll. I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well” from the song U Don’t Know.

I also find attitudes and behaviors very interesting, so I suppose it was natural that I took classes in cultural anthropology. At one point I even thought about double majoring in Business and Anthropology, or at least minoring in Anthro. Then again, my interests were still very broad. Economics and Communication Studies also caught my eye.

To keep a long story short, I chose to major in Business with a concentration in Marketing and two minors in Economics and Communication Studies.

Now that I had a chosen degree focus, getting involved on campus was approaching in the very near future…and I mean getting involved with student clubs and ASI…not just getting involved in the PARTAAAYYYY scene…

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