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A-Team and UNiQUE are Sac State’s popular volunteer-based organizations. They organize a variety of events and provide students with the opportunity to get involved, meet new people, and engage in fun campus activities. Both organizations exist through student participation and devote their time to making Sac State a fun and exciting campus.

A-Team is a group of students who help create, plan, and promote events and activities on campus. You have probably seen them in their colorful bright green shirts or spotted them in the ASI Hot Spot on the first floor of the University Union. The A-Team is responsible for some of the popular events on campus such as Wild Crazy Res, Spring Fling, and Block Party. A-Team’s volunteer program gives students the opportunity to get involved on campus, to make friends, win incentives, and have a great college experience.

UNiQUE is another volunteer-based program. They put on concerts, comedy shows, free movie premieres, and Wednesday Nooners, showcasing local music. UNiQUE provides lively entertainment on campus and can be recognized with their black and silver glow in the dark shirts. UNiQUE’s volunteer program gives students the chance to experience real, live entertainment first hand.

Mercedes of the A-Team has been there since the creation of the A-Team and has seen it expand to the great organization it is today.

When we first came up with the A-Team, we met with UNiQUE. We really wanted to model ourselves after UNiQUE because they have shown great success at getting students to volunteer and come out to their events.

Sydney, a UNiQUE volunteer, first heard about UNiQUE at freshman orientation and was instantly drawn to the fun atmosphere and friendly welcoming.

I really just wanted to get involved on campus and meet some new people. UNiQUE was a really great way to do that.

Both Mercedes and Sydney saw the A-Team and UNiQUE as ways to get involved on campus and provide great events for students.

Students want to go to work, go to school, go home. They view organizations as getting in the way of that, said Sydney. UNiQUE has opened up so many great possibilities to me. It has allowed me to meet great people, help put on events, and get more involved on campus.

Mercedes Tyler realized the importance of getting involved early and wants to show students how great it can be.

This campus use to be viewed as a commuter campus, but that is changing and I want to show students that it is so much more than that. I want school to be open and fun. At A-Team we are trying to show students all the possibilities available to them and how much fun campus can really be, said Mercedes.

Sydney and Mercedes both believe that A-Team and UNiQUE are incredibly important to campus life and have made an ever lasting impact on their college life.

It provides a way for students to interact outside of the classroom, said Mercedes.

UNiQUE is really important to the campus because it gives students something fun and cheap to do. There are always events happening, no matter what you are interested in, said Sydney.

UNiQUE and A-Team provide students with easily accessible, cheap and fun ways to have a good time on campus. All you have to do is show up.


By Will Chitenden and Karen Ito