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Get Funding Through Cash for Clubs!

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Is your on-campus club in need of extra funding? Join this year’s Club Challenge: Cash for Clubs! The Campus Organization Ballot Revenue Policy allows Sacramento State clubs and organizations to receive funding through the annual ASI Elections.

Here’s how Cash for Clubs works. Interested on-campus organizations must register by March 8 at 4pm. Registered clubs are added to the ballot. Clubs make $2 for every student vote in their favor.

Students are only allowed to vote for one club. However, students can vote for any club they choose, even if they are not members.

If your club receives funding from Dollars for Organizations and Clubs (DOC) through ASI, do not worry! Cash for Clubs does not take away eligibility from DOC Funding.

Wondering if your club is eligible? Read the requirements below:

  1. The Club/Organization must be officially recognized and approved by Student Organizations & Leadership (SO&L).
  2. The Club/Organization must have a Club Trust Account setup with the ASI Business office.
  3. The Club/Organization must have a current Club Agreement Form (CAF) on file with the ASI Business Office.
  4. This document must be completed and submitted by either the Club President or Club Treasurer as outlined in the CAF.
  5. Clubs/Organizations who promote themselves must follow the university guidelines regarding posting rules and regulations.
  6. Any violation of this policy shall be grounds for forfeiture of Cash for Clubs funds at the time of the violation.

Funds will be released for the next fiscal year: July 1, 2018 or later. If your organization is interested in participating and you have fulfilled the requirements above, complete and submit the Cash for Clubs Funds Request form here or in the ASI Business Office.