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Getting Down to Business with Michael Bloss

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Hello Hornets!

Are you involved on campus or in your individual college?

If so great, continue and stay involved and make the most of your college career here at Sacramento State.

If you are not involved, there are many opportunities within your individual college!

Specifically within the College of Business Administration there is a myriad of clubs, professional development opportunities, scholarships, and internships available to students!

The College of Business Administration has over 10 student clubs and organizations, all of which offer their own unique experiences and opportunities!

  • Accounting Society
  • Beta Alpha Psi
  • Business Honors Club
  • Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Business Fraternity
  • Financial Planning Association
  • Gamma Iota Sigma
  • Human resources Management Association
  • Institutional Investment Society
  • International Business Organization
  • Management information systems association
  • MBA networking Association
  • Sacramento Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
  • Women in Business

If professional development is what you are looking for then apply to be in the third cohort Business Honors Program for the fall 2014 semester. The Business Honors program is an accelerated cohort based program with integrated learning that enhances your academic portfolio and skills. The Business Honors Program offers events to network with Sacramento Area professionals and executives to broaden your professional connections.

Interested in Finance? Apply to be an intern analyst for the Student Investment Fund. This student run organization manages a portfolio of over $250,000! It is great professional experience if you are interested in a financial career or to see if it is right fit for you!

Internships are also available through the College of Business Job Board! The Job board is updated frequently and has quality opportunities available to students!

Link to Business Job Board >>> http://www.cba.csus.edu/biz/BusinessJobBoard.html

Need help financing college? Don’t take out a loan, apply for scholarships!

The College of Business Administration offers multiple scholarships for a variety of concentrations every semester! Each Year the college of Business gives out over $20,000 to support student success!

Link to business scholarships>>> http://www.cba.csus.edu/biz/scholarships.html

I hope this information will help you become more involved within your college and aware of the different opportunities available to you.


MichaelMichael Bloss II
Director of Business
Associated Students, Inc.

2 Responses to “Getting Down to Business with Michael Bloss”

  1. Brittany Post

    Very informative!

    Thank you, Michael Bloss. You’re convincing me to change my major back to business!

  2. Brittany Post

    Very informative!

    Thank you, Michael Bloss. You’re convincing me to change my major back to business!


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