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How to Prepare for a Zombie Apocalypse on Campus

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israelcsus - Attribution 3.0

israelcsus – Attribution 3.0

With October just starting, that means one thing, ZOMBIES! Since we wish that our students are always prepared, here’s a few tips to survive  the Zombie Apocalypse at Sac State.


Running is crucial to get away from those brain-eating zombies. Use the treadmills in the WELL to get your workout on. You’ll also need to be able to lift some heavy equipment by yourself as well because there will be few survivors to help you.

Choose a living situation

With the dorms on campus you’ll have plenty to choose from. You could potentially live with other survivors in a 5 bedroom 2 bath or live by yourself in a single bedroom.

Ration your food

Sac State Campus Dining has plenty of food options. If you want something healthy you might want to raid the Good Eats storage or help yourself to RF Greens.  If you’re looking for some protein you may want to cook yourself something at Panda Express of Burger King.

Read about defense strategies

The Library is the perfect place to learn about best fighting strategies against zombies and other scenarios that might come up. Use the free resource to stay on top of your survival game.

Stay Updated

Text to receive updates using Sac State’s ENS system.  Sign up online using MySacState to make sure you are always updated in case of an emergency on campus.

Keep Hydrated

Water is important when surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Use the water bottle refill stations to fill up your water bottle fast and stay hydrated.

Cam Evans - Attribution 3.0

Cam Evans – Attribution 3.0

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