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If We Bump in to Marc E. Bassy

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UNIQUE Programs, one of Sac State’s largest volunteer groups, run by the University Union, did it again! Since 1978, UNIQUE has strived to bring premiere entertainment to Sac State with the objective of creating affordable, educational, and recreational opportunities for the community. In 2015 Sage the Gemini, a popular hip-hop artist, and Tinashe, a pop rock artist, stormed Sac State. This year, on October 6, 2016, Marc E Bassy, a singer-songrwriter known for his reggae-pop sound, was UNIQUE’s major act in the University Union.


However, this is not the first time that Bassy has performed in the Union; he was actually the opening act for Sage the Gemini almost a year and a half ago. When Bassy took the stage last Thursday, he began his show by sharing how emotional it was for him to be back at Sac State as the main act. Additionally, he was extremely moved by having his first sold out show in the same room where he started. Not only did he preform nearly every song on his EP “Groovy People”, he and his DJ, DJ Shabazz, paid homage to the Bay Area by incorporating songs by Mac Dre, Too $hort, and E-40 into the show.

Bassy connected with the audience by pausing throughout his performance to thank everyone for their energy and support. He had a moment of vulnerability when he expressed that this was his first show to sell out and the best performance of his career thus far. He even posted a picture of himself, Dj Shabazz, and the sold out sign with the caption “… Sac I love you to death” hours after he left the stage.


Ultimately Bassy was extremely grateful for the opportunity to be back at Sac State. Overall, it has been a pivotal year for him. His career started in 2007 with the pop group 2AM. In 2010, they produced “What did you Think Was Going to Happen?” which was their first and only album. Ironically, five years later, they decided to each pursue their singing careers separately. Since then, Bassy has broken into the music industry, and stolen the hearts of many fans. With his single “You & Me” sitting on Billboard’s Hot 100 list for the past 9 weeks, and as a proud Bay Area native, it’s hard to believe that this is the last Sac State will be seeing of Marc E. Bassy.