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How Kanye West Got Me Through My Senior Year

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We all know him as the loud mouth, opinionated, “fashion designer,” song-writer and rapper that’s engaged to Kim Kardashian and best friends with Taylor Swift. Without Kanye West, my last year of college would have not been the Kanye Best.

Here are 10 reasons on how Kanye West got me through my senior year of college.

and yes, I am a fan of Kanye West.

Surround yourself with great friends

Everyone needs a Jay Z in their life. How else will you come up with creative collaborations?!

Appreciate your friends and dedicate the song, Clique by Kanye featuring JAY Z and Big Sean.


Be your Kanye Best

ACE THAT TEST! do your best and never give up!

Need an inspirational pick-me-up song? Listen to Power.

Kanye Best

Not to Procrastinate

we all know that’s impossible.

but we all tried, right?

Kanye Best

If you forgot you had an assignment due the night before, listen to Dark Fantasy to remind yourself never to procrastinate again.

Kanye Best

Yeah, no.

Just Kanye Face the situation and move on

The Situation of they’re, their, and there.

The situation that makes you say,

Kanye Best

but we’re all learning and make mistakes.

Kanye Best

So, just move on.

Kanye Best
Listen to Heard ‘Em Say featuring Adam Levine.

Be your Kanye Best

Be your best, do your best, you are the best.

Need a Kanye Best pick me up? Listen to Stronger.

Kanye Best

Be on top of your game

Meet those deadlines, organize those study groups, go to those office hours, get involved with campus events and be involved.

Listen to Touch the Sky to get motivated.

Kanye Best

De-stress at The Well

Nothing feels better than a de-stressing run and workout session at the Well.

Need a workout boost? Listen to Workout Plan.

Kanye Best

Run, Kanye. RUN. BYE STRESS.

Always be creative!

Do I need to say more? Be creative, have fun!

Find creative ways to study, de-stress or even find creative ways to do your assignment. I mean I did get an A on a paper I did about Kanye…

Listen to Love Lockdown to get in the creative mood.

Kanye Best

remember that all your hard work will pay off

All-nighters, group projects, papers, etc.

It’ll all pay off, getting that dream job, fulfilling those life goals and being happy.

Celebrate and listen to Graduation Day.

Kanye Best


Do I need to say more? You are the best. Keep thinking that.
Kanye Best


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