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KSSU presents: Trivia Night

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How well do you know the world around you? Put your knowledge to the test at Trivia Night hosted by KSSU! Compete with your fellow Hornets in a fun challenging game night. Students will be tested past their textbooks, relying only on what they know beyond school. This trivia game will determine how much you pay attention to the atmospheres around you. Who knows, you might surprise yourself on how much you know about certain categories. Exercise your brain on challenging topics and go head-to-head with your friends to see who is the true master of trivia.

The fun doesn’t stop there. KSSU will be providing their specialty of great music with a twist of delicious food and prizes for the last standing contestants of trivia night. As a special surprise, KSSU will also be serving exotic mocktails to the mix. If you don’t know already, mocktails are a delectable, fruity, non-alcoholic cocktail. It will be an added pizazz to an already lively night!

The event will take place at the University Union in the Redwood Room, on Tuesday, April 18, at 7:00pm. You can register online at KSSU.com or show up the night of the event. Online registrations are preferred, however, walk-ins are welcome. Be sure to bring your A-game, as KSSU turns up the heat!



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