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Letter to Sac State students

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Dear fellow Hornets,

As you may be aware, many college campuses have encountered protests recently as students have expressed their beliefs on a variety of issues. I have witnessed many peaceful and impactful protests here at Sac State in the last year. Our Hornet family is strong in that we can all come from different backgrounds, different points of view, and different ways of thinking, but we can still engage in respectful dialogue. The first amendment gives us all the right to free speech. With this right comes the ability to listen and take the time to learn from one another, even if we do not agree with opposing views. ASI will not condone any act of violence, but encourages the student body to continue to exemplify what peaceful and respectful dialogue can look like on a college campus. This makes us unique and we must all adhere to our shared commitment to the Hornet Honor Code.

As your student body representatives, we are committed to being the voice of all students at Sac State. It is imperative that we advocate for students’ right to a quality higher education that is accessible and affordable. This may mean, at times, taking a position that opposes our local, state or national political leaders. The ASI Board is currently finalizing a resolution, to be voted on next week, opposing the immigration ban as this has the potential to negatively affect some of our fellow Hornets. We stand in solidarity with all of our students, staff, and faculty who may be affected by this ban. In addition, we have increased our advocacy efforts, imploring the President to continue the DACA program and to examine pathways to citizenship for members of the undocumented community. Last semester, we collaborated with the Dreamer Resource Center and University Advancement to provide grant opportunities to help students manage the cost of renewing their DACA, where needed. Moreover, our ASI programs will always strive to serve the whole campus community. Our programs will not release sensitive information that may reveal a student’s immigration status. Nor, will we comply with ICE in the detainment of students based on their immigration status. Finally, we will continue to work with the University to ensure our campus policies will protect this population of students now and into the future.

We will remain dedicated to our roles as representatives and advocates for Sacramento State students and continue to fight for quality, access and affordability in higher education for all.


Patrick K. Dorsey
ASI President

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