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Mixin’ It Up With KSSU Radio

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IMG_3362Sacramento State’s KSSU is run by an eclectic group of students, all sharing a love of music. KSSU is an award winning station with a reputation of being one of the best student-run radio stations. KSSU DJs can be seen around campus providing music for a variety of events. Students are able to volunteer to be a KSSU DJ and host their own hour-long radio program. Each KSSU DJ has a distinct personality that carries over to their own show. The shows vary from sports talk, to heavy metal, to alt-indie, to talk shows. KSSU radio streams live from there website KSSU.com. We spoke with three distinct KSSU DJs to find out what makes KSSU so special.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer DJ at KSSU, visit http://kssu.com/index.php/djs to apply.

Archibald Cabebe aka Aerrow Shapiro 

 What is your show called?   Aerrow Shapiro’s Hour of Power. What kind of music do you play? Alt-indie Where did you hear about the opportunity to DJ from? Freshman Orientation. What has your experience at KSSU been like? Its been really great. It has helped me kick start a potential career.

Jonathan Macomber aka DJ Jack O Lantern

 What is your show called?   The Pumpkin Patch What kind of music do you play? A huge variety, but mostly Classic Metal Where did you hear about the opportunity to DJ from? A friend of mine was a member of KSSU What has your experience at KSSU been like? KSSU has been great for me. It is an easy way to meet laid back people, find new music, see shows, and just have fun. My experience has been totally positive, but it would be awesome if our audience were larger.Lara K aka Lara K

What is your show called? My show is called The Lines and The leaves.

What kind of music do you play? I play folk, hip- hop, alt-country and R&B. I also have guests who appear on the show.

Where did you hear about the opportunity to DJ from? My husband told me about KSSU. He worked with someone at the station. I saw a booth at orientation and talked to the station manager who said that DJing was an awesome experience. I applied on whim.

What has your experience at KSSU been like? KSSU has been really cool. The people here are an odd collection. It’s basically a bunch of different kinds of nerds. We operate a nerd exchange.

Your Album of the year? Hail Mary Mallon Are you gonna eat that?