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Tools you need now to take you from commuter pass to skymiles, for every budget. Whether you’re walking across the street or sailing across the sea, get ready, get set… go!

Freebie: Hear to There

Are you as cheap as I am? Probably not. But if you can at least spring for your daily bread, save the plastic tie: it’ll help you organize your earbuds. Check out how it’s done at instructables.

Save: to Your Health

Save money and space? Sign me up!

The normally bulky in-flight neck pillow can be replaced with this affordable inflatable version: just bring your own air.

For hydration, replace disposable with reusable. Save space, money, and the planet with an investment in a a rollup water bottle from Vapur or other brands.

Spend: Screentime

ScreentimeThe e-reader and tablet reign supreme for user-friendly, portable access to books, internet, and more. You’ll be investing a lot of money, so consider price as well as tailoring your selection to the ergonomics and capabilities you need.

Ergonomics: To meet your note-taking potential, spring for a tablet that’s compatible with a bluetooth or USB keyboard. Your eyes will be most at ease with a matte screen like on the original Kindle.

Price: If you want 64 gigs and cellular capability, you can spend $829 on the new iPad. To avoid sticker shock, stick to a simple reader like the original Kindle, now $69. This purchase should be considered an investment, so compare ergonomics and features to determine your optimum best budget range.

Capabilities: If you want the latest in speed and capabilities, check out Amazon’s new Kindle line: these bleeding-edge tablets are rumored to have lightning-fast internet and visual features like polarizing filter. Check out reviews and analysis by the experts at mashable and techhive.

CNET provides an excellent comprehensive resource for exploring all of these aspects.

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