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Navigating the GPA System: How to Earn Your Grade

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If you are new to college, here’s your crash course on the standard grading system:

How to earn each grade:

A: complete all (or nearly all) of your work in a coherent manner.

B: complete most of your work in a mostly coherent manner.

C: do some of your work in a somewhat coherent manner.

D: stands for “Don’t do most of your work.”

E: there is no such thing as an E grade. If this fooled you, you are in for a long trip through college.

F: pretty much don’t do anything.

WU: for the select few (the “lower elite”) who feel that earning an F is an insult to their dedication to not be dedicated.

There you have it. The Michael Gilles Crash Course To College Grading. I’ll be here for the rest of the semester if you have any questions, like how to earn a B+ or the importance of the “bubble grade” C-.

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