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New Student Government Takes Oath

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On Friday, June 2nd, the Associated Students Board of Directors welcomed in the 2017-2018 student government leaders. The event kicked off with a welcome from outgoing ASI President Patrick K. Dorsey, followed by an address from Sacramento State Vice-President of Student Affairs Dr. Ed Mills. The event close with a welcome speech from the new ASI student body president, Mia Kagianas.

During the ceremony, the ASI officers in attendance were officially sworn in and now begin their positions on the ASI Board of Directors.

(Sacramento State/Jessica Vernone)


The Board of Directors includes five executive officers, a representative from each college, a representative for undeclared students, and a representative for graduate students. Elected members of the Board serve a term of one academic year contingent on their ability to meet and maintain all eligibility criteria to hold office. Additionally, the University President or designee and University Chief Financial Officer or designee serve on the ASI Board.

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