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Nielsen Gabriel – The Proust Questionnaire

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The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature. 

We ask members of the Board of Directors to answer 5 questions from The Proust Questionnaire.

Gabriel 4

Nielsen Gabriel

ASI Executive Vice President

916-278-7318 | asievp@csus.edu

What is the quality you most like in a person?

I appreciate a great sense of humbleness (is that a word?). Let’s remember that confidence and arrogance are very different things.

When and where were you happiest?

In more recent times, it would have to be between winning my election for Executive Vice President, or being notified that I received the National Rosen/Weinberg Fellowship.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her, I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 64 Impala. Just kidding but I would like to be taller.

What is your most marked characteristic?

I think that right off the bat, people notice I like to joke and play around.

What is your greatest regret?

My greatest regret is having regrets Clich I suppose either way it’s true!

Stay tuned for more Board Members questionnaires coming soon. Take your own Proust Questionnaire 

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