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One Stop Student Shop

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On the 3rd floor in the Union, there’s this place called the ASI Student Shop. Ever been there? Well now’s your chance.

Did you know that ASI Student Shop offers a variety of services from cap and gown purchases to laptop rentals? What many students aren’t aware of are the awesome discounts you can get through the Student Shop.

Movie tickets, for one, are the best deal. Obviously movie tickets these days are clearly over priced and expensive. Well you’re in luck if you’re cheap, trying to save money or just like many of us are a struggling, broke college student. The ASI Student Shop sells discounted movies tickets. They sell Regal tickets for under $8.00. Why spend $10 on a ticket when you can save a few bucks by going to the ASI Student Shop? Clearly this is the way to go.

Here’s another awesome service the Student Shop offers, laptop rentals. If you don’t have a laptop or don’t want to carry that huge piece of metal, you can rent one at the ASI Student Shop. All Sac State students can rent a laptop, up to four hours at a time, as long as you have your one card in hand. The Student Shop carries brand new laptops, so first come first serve.

The big seller at the Student Shop is the cap and gowns. If you’re planning on graduating and wonder where to purchase your grad gear, the Student Shop is the place to go. This is where you can buy your cap, gown, tassel, honor cords and stole. The end of the semester is the busiest times for the Student Shop so beat the rush and purchase your graduation supplies early!

Trying to send some important, confidential documents? The Student Shop sells stamps! Mailing not fast enough? Well the Student Shop also provides faxing services.

Once a week the Student Shop offers free legal advice by a professional lawyer. If you need some legal aid, stop by the Student Shop for free aid and advice.

Additionally, the Student Shop is the place for club deposits. If you are involved in organizations or clubs and need to deposit funds into your accounts, the Student Shop is the stop for that.

Finally the Student Shop offers brochures and applications for Domestic and International Student Health Insurance plans. Check out the ASI website for further information and details.

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  1. Michell A. Villa

    I am part of the Apparel Committee for CHEM Club here on campus and was hoping to find out what is needed to be able to obtain graduation stoles specified for CHEM club, which is also ACS certified. Thank you for your time.
    With Kindest Regards,
    MichellA. Villa
    CHEM Club: Apparel Committee


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