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Our 90’s Favorites

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We all have TV shows, toys, and snacks from our childhood that we love and miss. As the years pass, we sometimes forget about the epic things from our childhood. From having to remember to feed your tamagotchi, to hoping you get an easy bake oven for Christmas, the toys from the past were awesome. This article will remind you of everything you love and miss about the 1990s and early 2000s.

Disclaimer: If you were born after 1996, you may have no idea what any of these are.

TV Shows

Captain Planet 1990

Catdog 1998


Hit Clips 1999

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Tamagotchi 1996

Photo Credit: Wikipedia










Diva Starz Dolls 2000

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Tech Deck 1999

Photo Credit: Rizki Perdana








Pokemon Cards 1996

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Furby 1998

Sky Dancers 1994

Nickelodeon Gak 1992

Treasure Trolls 1993

Easy Bake Oven 1993


Kid Cuisine 1990

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Lollipop Paint Shop 1999

Wonder Ball 2000

Featured image photo credit: london.lecool.com

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