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Plan Ahead for the Fall Semester!

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A little planning goes a long way, and the earlier the better. While you are enjoying a relaxing and rejuvenating summer break, reduce some of the stress when school starts by planning ahead.

1) Polish your resume. The Career Center in Lassen Hall has really knowledgeable and friendly staff who can help you impress any employer with a great looking resume! They can also give you information on internships, volunteer opportunities, and other ways to bulk up your resume. Now is a great time to update your resume with all of the activities you did throughout the previous academic year.

2) Get to know your faculty. Research faculty from your department and map out a plan for getting to know at least one professor this semester. Many students do not take advantage of office hours, but they are a great opportunity to really connect with your professor and better understand concepts discussed in class. Making the connection with your professor will help you when you need a letter of recommendation or a good reference in the future.

3) Read the first chapters of your textbooks. Order your books online ahead of time and do not wait to begin learning! This will save you a lot of stress when the first week of school comes around. Even being one chapter ahead allows you to understand the information much easier when it comes to lecture time. Not only will you impress your professors, everyone will also want to be your study buddy because you will have a head-start! For a quick memory jog, summarize what you have read and write them on flashcards so that when exams roll around, you will be prepared!

4) Map out your schedule for graduation. Lassen hall has great resources for you to figure out which classes you need ahead of time. There is also  excellent academic counseling services in the Academic Advising office. This allows you to be aware of which classes you need to take when registration comes around, and gives you back up options in case classes are full. Not only will planning your schedule motivate you towards your goal of graduation, but it allows you to reflect on the hard work that you have completed thus far.

5) Make a list of five fun activities that you want to do this semester. Look online for concerts, plays, festivals, and trips to go on. Planning to do one or two things off of your list a month will allow ample time to plan, get friends involved, save up the funds, and request time off from work in advance. It is always important to make time for yourself to blow off steam from your busy schedule.

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