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Planning the Best Trip… on a Budget

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It is finally summer and the first thing you want to do is go on a fun trip or vacation with all of your friends. Then you remember you are on a college student budget. Bummer, right?roadtrip_full

Do not let a budget spoil what could be a trip or vacation to remember. Whether it is staying local within California or going across the nation, take this time to soak up the sun and relax. We all know how busy we can get during the academic school year so why not treat ourselves to something exciting. I know you might be saying in your head, “I have summer school” or “I have work” but I say plan around it. Enjoy life a little!

Whether you are planning to go for the weekend or for an entire week, here are some tips to keep you within your budget.

1. Choose the perfect people you want to go with.

Of course go with people you know you will have fun with but make sure these people will commit to the financial aspect of the plan as well as the plan itself. The financial aspect could include sharing of gas if you are driving long distance or even paying someone back for reserving the hotel room. Make sure everyone agrees to what will be happening throughout the duration of the trip as well. These are key to make sure everything will run smoothly between yourself and your friends.

2. Pick the right days.

Hotels are usually cheaper on the weekdays rather than the weekends. If you are looking into reserving a cabin, look out for deals that may occur on certain days or weeks (and vice versa.) Some amusement parks will have discounts if you bring in something (i.e. Coke can) on specific dates. Lastly, I hear that plane tickets are cheapest to purchase online on Tuesdays.

3. Find the deals.

Sites such as Expedia and Travelocity can offer great ways to save on flight and hotel if you plan to fly out. You can also sign up for daily deal e-mails through sites such as Groupon that offer discounts on things to do and places to go. Some of your destination spots may also offer “Student Discounted Rates” too (just make sure a college student fits the category!)

4. Do not forget the extras.

These are easy to forget to calculate into your budget. If you plan on driving out, eating out or going out, do not forget that these little extra events can still add up. My advice? Walk or use public transportation to get to your destination, buy food from a local grocery store to last you the entire time and look out for any deals for local nightlife.

5. Be safe and have fun!

This is probably the easiest to remember!

Get out there, Hornets! Summer is the time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

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