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President Cortez attends Panetta Institute

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ASI President Monica Cortez took part in the 13th annual Student Leadership Seminar, held June 17-23.
ASI President Monica Cortez with Institute Director Sylvia Panetta

ASI President Monica Cortez with Institute Director Sylvia Panetta

Twenty-eight student body presidents and other elected officials from throughout the CSU system, Santa Clara University and Dominican University of California attended the eight-day program at the Panetta Institute for Public Policy. The objectives of the seminar are to teach young men and women about leadership principles, strategies and practices; to send them back to their campuses and communities as more effective leaders; and to encourage them to pursue lives of public service.

Cortez said, “We learned leadership principles, strategies and practices. I found it extremely beneficial because it helped me come back as a new person. I feel like I can be a more effective leader. The Panetta Institute encouraged us to pursue our futures in public service.” 

The seminar included presentations by state and regional political leaders, heads of military institutions, and criminal justice, business, media and sports leaders. The participants all gave presentations on their thoughts and definition of leadership and how they planed to apply the lessons they learned to their academic, professional and political objectives. 303620_10151000174019090_928720288_n

Institute director Sylvia Panetta explained, Today’s young generation will one day lead our cities, states and our nation. They will be responsible for the future of our communities and our economy. To prepare them for this work, it is essential that they be provided with strong examples of leadership so that they can learn and develop the skills they require to be the strong leaders our democracy needs.

leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go but ought to be – Unknown
Cortez at the Panetta Family Ranch, pictured with US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

Cortez at the Panetta Family Ranch, pictured with US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta

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  1. kyle pierce

    Hi ASI community,
    I was very interested in reading how President Cortez got to attend the Pannetta Institution seminar, I was wondering how does a regular student such as myself attend a leadership training seminar like this one even if I don’t have a strong interests in public service works. I am a business major and I would very like to be part of a leadership program similar to the one President Cortez attended. If you have any information regarding how I can hone in on my leadership skills I would be truly grateful. Thank you.

    Kyle P.


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