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Children’s Center Employment

Student Employment

Are you interested in working at the Children’s Center? Each semester we hire up to 90 students to work with us here at the Children’s Center. Many are Child Development majors, but that is not a requirement as we also hire for the kitchen and office. You can submit an application at any time, but we hire in the weeks before the main semesters begin. As soon as you know your school schedule, submit your job application and we will see if your availability fits our needs. Interviews are arranged in August and January. You can download the application below and either email it to asichildrencenter@csus.edu  or fax it to (916) 278-4875.


We begin calling for interviews in August.  Due to high volumes, not every applicant will receive a phone call.


ASI Employment Application

Job Descriptions
Office Student Assistant
Kitchen Student Assistant
Classroom Student Assistant II
Classroom Student Assistant III
Classroom Student Supervisor


 Non-Student Job Descriptions
Fellowship Teacher

The Associated Students Children’s Center supports the academic and personal endeavors of the Sacramento State community through its commitment to serve the needs of families and promote educational experiences in the area of early childhood education.Children’s Center Student Staff Manual


Employee Spotlight


ALma Ponce
MENTOR teacher 
Children’s Center

1. Whats is your role in ASI and how long have you worked with ASI?
I am a Mentor Teacher on campus and work with children from ages 2 yrs. 9 mo. through 6 years. I also work with student staff.  I have worked at the Children’s Center for 34 years.

2. “Most people don’t know that i like to…” 
Listen to all types of music and Hip-Hop is my favorite. In addition, I enjoy sewing and cooking. 

3. If you had a superpower what would it be? 
If I had a superpower, the superpower would be to make people be happy and know they are loved always. 

4. If you could be any color in a box of Crayola Crayons, what color would you be? 
If it was a box of primary colors, I would be green because I like trees, plants, and herbs.  If I chose from a big assortment of crayons, I would be turquoise because it makes me feel happy!

5. What’s one of your favorite things to do on Sac State’s campus?
One of my favorite things to do is going on nature walks with the children so they can experience all the seasons on campus. I appreciate that the University has conserved the trees as the campus expanded because it makes for a wonderful experience!

6. What do you like about working for ASI?
I like working for ASI because of the overall sense of comradery I have felt throughout the years. Moreover,I like having a positive impact on the children and enjoy watching the children grow and develop in all areas. Finally yet importantly, I am deeply touched when children come back to visit the center in later years, because of the long lasting relationships we can create at the center.