How do I get a job at the CC?

Look for job descriptions and applications under Children’s Center Employment or stop by the Children’s Center lobby. We hire for student assistant positions just before each semester begins.

Do you have Federal Work Study jobs?

YES! If you have Federal Work Study, come and see us. Our jobs are also listed on their Job Board, but can sometimes be hard to spot. Come in and talk to us!

When do you hire students for work at the CC?

We hire students just before the start of each semester, so August and January.

Can I do observations or my class assignments at the CC?

Yes. Please review the Guidelines for Observations on our website and if your assignment fits the guidelines, come on in. It is a drop in basis, no appointment needed.

Are there any rules about observing at the CC?

Yes. There are many! Please review our Guidelines for Observations on our website or come in to the Children’s Center lobby and ask for a copy to read. Do keep in mind that our center will not allow observations on special event days.